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Mishna Golda Mia

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Golda was the only pup in our 2012 litter - and this little puppy stayed home!



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  Six weeks have flown by so fast - Mamma is certainly having much more fun!  
  Into Week 6 and she is much more serious about playing and exploring ...  
  Five weeks, and she's becoming independent - though Mamma still frets!  
  Into Week 5 and her horizons are expanding - meeting the rest of the family, exploring the rest of her home.  
  Four weeks, and so far we think she's smooth! What do you think?  
  Into her fourth week and Golda is playing seriously ... practicing the skills that will see her through the rest of her life.  
  Three weeks, and Golda is much more aware of her environment.
Mamma starts to introduce her, very cautiously, to new experiences.
  Now she is really starting to play - with Mamma, with toys, with other people.
She is working on her coordination, learning to pounce, and sprouting little teeth!
  Into her third week - time to get out the toys and start thinking outside of the box -
under Mamma's watchful eye, of course!

Two weeks, and Golda has started to receive visitors.

Moving strongly but not quite seeing or hearing clearly yet, she is guided entirely by her sense of smell as she seeks Benjy out from amongst all her admirers!

  In the absence of siblings, Golda has become very attached to "uncle" Benjy -
Mamma also depends greatly on his support.
  Golda is all mouth and muscle right now.  
  Into her second week - will she follow in big sister Gen's glamorous footsteps?
Hmmm, so far Golda seems a real Diva!
  One Week and growing very fast and very strong. Judging by her conversation, she is beginning to hear, and there is lots of movement behind the eyelids ... and the rising angle of her tail is a good indicator of great muscle tone!  

First week - devoted Mamma is never far away and Golda has started to wobble about the whelping box - look at how strong she is within just a few days!

  Day 2 - all she does is eat and sleep and grow  
  Day 1 - a loooong wait, a hard labour, a breech birth ... and one Perfect Puppy!  
  The Week Before - everyone just sits around waiting, waiting ...  
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