Collection of accumulated traditions, explanations, learnings and acquired wisdom - orally transmitted and written - usually applied to the Jewish Scriptural text of the Talmud

Origin: Medieval Hebrew mishnāh  - literally, teaching by oral repetition

photograph of the Mishna family in 2005 - click for who we are African, humanist philosophy of the interconnectedness of all people. No-one can be fully human in isolation. Whatever any one of us does affects the whole world.

Origin: Tribal African ùɓúntʼú   translated
“I am because you are”




When you buy a Mishna Chow Chow you become part of our extended Mishna family. Our grandchowdren are always welcome in our home. Our dogs, led by Pan'Kou and Mia, provide a calm, stable and welcoming pack. And our cats, led by Sooty and Jack, provide sharp lessons in feline respect. We love babysitting and puppy parties!

We strive to build community amongst the Chow Chows of the Western Cape through social interaction. Unlike formalized breed clubs which focus only on the glory of the showring and discriminate against unregistered and rescue dogs, we are happy to connect with all pure-bred Chow Chows and their families. Email or join us on facebook if you'd like to find out more!


Social Responsibility

Chow Chow Club of the Western Cape

We work with others to support rescue efforts and improve the lives of Chow Chows wherever we become aware of a need - through education, awareness, training and rehabilitation. Adult Chows are occasionally available.

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The Chow Chow Club of the Western Cape was active from 1990 to 1994. It was ratified as a speciality section of the Cape Utility Dog Club in 1993.

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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The Chow Chow The Chow Chow
Cheryl-Ann Hurley David Cavill
Cheryl-Ann was a well known and loved fixture of the Chowist scene during the 1980's, importing, breeding and exhibiting some very high quality dogs. More than twenty years after her premature death, her contribution to Chow Chows in South Africa is still felt and remembered.

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David Cavill is an English chowist of long standing. He has bred, judged and worked with dogs for more than thirty years. This particular article was first made available in July 1996 via the Dogs UK website. He remains active as a blogger and columnist.

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Did You Know ...

Read a variety of original, in-depth, full length articles based on personal experience and research!

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Dip into a library of tid bits of interesting information, from breed history to health!

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Just For Fun

Chow Chows and their People over the years ...      
photograph of Sigmund Freud with his chow chows in 1931 photograph of Elvis Presley with his chow chow in 1975 photograph of Bryan and Janine Habana and their chow chows in 2011
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