Doreen Schoeman
Interviewed by Cheryl-Ann Hurley in 1989

Mrs Doreen Schoeman is an energetic lady of 82 years, presently residing in the Cape and still active as owner of Pets Boutique Grooming Parlour and breeder of Maltese Terriers. Her details of the first Chows in South Africa and who bred GOLDEN BOY are as follows:

In the early 1900s, the few Chows around were not of outstanding quality and so MR THOMAS GLENSOR went to England and brought back two Chows which MRS SCHOEMAN bought from him. These Chows were bred by LADY PHILIPS and MRS LOFTUS. At the time MRS SCHOEMAN was married to MR FREDERICK ALEXANDER GRANT and in 1934 she registered her kennel, namely GRANT’S KENNELS.

MRS SCHOEMAN was the breeder of GRANT’S GOLDEN BOY, bred from GLENHAVEN KUAN CHUNG and PEKEN BEE ZEE, the first imports.

We know, then, that MR BARNEY ROGOFF went on to win GRANT’S GOLDEN BOY in the OK Bazaars raffle that was sponsored by MRS SCHOEMAN for charity in 1942.

GRANT’S KENNELS sired many outstanding Chows and eventually MRS SCHOEMAN got the owners of the her puppies together and founded THE CHOW CHOW CLUB OF SOUTH AFRICA with MR BARNEY ROGOFF as the first Chairman. I believe the Club was in existence from 1938 – 1945.

After her husband’s death, MRS SCHOEMAN married her current husband Mr Desmond Schoeman, and they moved around quite a bit, living in England, Zambia, and Botswana as well as South Africa, so MRS SCHOEMAN was not able to be as active with the dogs as she would have liked.

MRS SCHOEMAN, meanwhile, finished twenty-five Champions. Her showing career ended after 36 years with the well-known Chow TSONG KAPA STAR-TURN, with their transfer to Botswana in 1972.

MRS SCHOEMAN’s love and dedication to Chow Chows stemmed from her own childhood when her mother was a respected Chow Chow breeder in the England. Her obvious contribution to our breed is still seen and deeply appreciated by the breeders of today.

MRS SCHOEMAN still owns a Chow [Hoosanne, blue rough litter sister to Ch’ing], although she now only breeds miniature Maltese Terriers, with which she has also had great success. However, her obvious love and dedication to the Chow Chow is still very prominent and her wealth of knowledge and experience is to be envied. She is still well and ready to show the breeders of today a “thing or two”!

MRS SCHOEMAN, I salute you and apologise once again most sincerely for not having the correct information on yourself and the early Chows in South Africa. Thank you for taking the time and patience with me and for allowing me the opportunity of setting the record straight. May you stay as young as you are and we thank you again for the great contribution you have made to the Chow Chows here in South Africa.


Written by Cheryl-Ann Hurley.

In reference to her earlier article “The Chow Chow” Ms Hurley wrote –

"I have an apology to make to Mrs Doreen Schoeman of Grant’s Kennels in seemingly having overlooked her and her considerable contribution to our breed. I was not totally up to date with the early Chows in South Africa and admit that I did not do my homework as well as I should. I took my notes on the early Chows in South Africa from backdated notes and apologies to Mrs Schoeman most sincerely and trust that I may undo a little of the injustice done in this article.

I, therefore, make this following living tribute to MRS DOREEN SCHOEMAN (previously Mrs Doreen Grant)."

This article was first published in the magazine: "Heads & Tails", March 1990.

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