January 2012

Working to Establish Trust


Firstly, Jimmy has gone to a new home! Initial reports are promising and he seems to be settling well. We hope to have more news and photos soon!

When we first arrived I was surprised to see such well-adjusted Chow Chows in a rescue centre, especially after such a prolonged period. Their rehabilitation is a major credit to the hard work and patience of staff at Uitsig, and most especially Paddy Cornell who worked so hard to earn their trust.


Nevertheless, with 280 dogs to look after, the staff can not afford the individual attention each dog deserves. The Chows were desperately in need of time, care and, especially, grooming.

Driven by Annelize Du Toit, who hosted our picnic, our team of volunteers is growing. The dogs are starting to look forward to our visits and greet us with enthusiasm. Tammy is even coming out of her kennel to play!


We spend as much time as we can with them, stopping by to visit a few times a week - quite a feat since they are 50km out of town! We groom, medicate, clip nails, clean the camp, air the bedding, spray for sand fleas & flies ... and just spend time with them, accustoming them to people, activity and lots and lots of cuddling!

The Chow Chow is known as a "one person dog" because it has been designed, over many thousands of years, to form a powerful bond with its people. In our cultural environment this is usually a family, not just an individual. These dogs are desperate to have their own "special people". The young ones, especially, really need to find their own special forever homes SOON!


The Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is doing a fabulous job. If you wish to make donations towards maintenance of their Chows, or any of the other animals there, please contact Uitsig directly.

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